Mandel Graphic Solutions

The Mandel History

What was business like in the 19th Century?

Wood engraving was the rage in the late 1800’s, and Emmanuel Mandel was an artist and craftsman. (image)

Metal copper and zinc photo-engraving took hold in prepress for letter press printing in the early 1900’s, with halftones shot via glass screens

Lithography took hold in the middle 1900’s, and film was the conduit to make plates

The 21st Century brought electronic scanning, digital prepress and, most recently, custom on-demand digital production. 

Today, Mandel Graphic Solutions is a unique company (that navigated all these waters) with its focus clearly forward. Stay tuned as technology continues to enhance the way we do business at a revolutionary rate.

The Mandel story continues.

Images from thoughtout the times

Original Logo
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2nd & 3rd Generations: Dave, Bob, Miles, Don
3 Decades of Logos
Founder Emmanuel Mandel
Mandel Building 1940's