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Indoor Décor


Sometimes called “Architectural Graphics” – Indoor Décor – includes Wallpaper – Pillows – Flooring – Sound Barriers – Art –Wall Murals – Fabric & Linens – and MORE!

Indoor décor, sometimes called “architectural graphics,’ creates an enjoyable retail experience, directs the attention of the visitor, and creates a desired vibe. It can include wall coverings, be placed on floors or even tables, and may be printed on specified substrates like plastic, stone, carpeting, or metal. Mandel can utilize fabric to create awareness, structure, and a feeling of flow. 

Wall Art

Whether it’s a whole wall, a series of walls, or a simple hanging wall piece… Mandel has you covered. We can cover walls with adhesive vinyl, custom wallpaper or magnetic media. We can decorate with SEG, printed art, etc.

Floor Art

Printed hardwood floors, marble, granite, textiles, carpeting, rugs, and just about everything you wouldn’t think can be printed on… can be done only at Mandel Graphic Solutions. 

Fabric & Linens

Custom designed pillows, blankets, drapery, table cloths, reupholstering… the possibilities are endless and at Mandel we don’t like to put a cap on our capabilities. Reach out with your idea and let’s brainstorm how to make it happen.

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Window Art

The photo on the left features a U.S. Bank Building (tallest building in the region) conference room in Downtown Milwaukee. Mandel can advise and engineer your window art depending on if you want to view it from the inside or outside. 

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