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Our Story

Mandel Company is a fourth generation business that has successfully navigated a progressive course since its inception in 1892. Today, we are a unique company with our focus clearly forward. We possess the valuable traditions of the past and recognize the importance of embracing the future. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that make our clients better at what they do. 

The Mandel story continues…

Retail Storefront

Retail Graphics

Graphics placed within the retail setting – Retail Graphics – include Point of Purchase (POP), Retail Decor, Signage, Advertising, and more.

Event Graphics

Ranging from festivals, to trade shows, to weddings and everything in between, executing the presentation is a Mandel specialty. 

Indoor Decor

Create a space you love, no matter the location. Includes wall graphics and linens to floor coverings – even printed hardwood floors!

Kohls Coroplast Kohlman

Unique Projects

Whatever your specific needs or materials, our creativity helps inspire your thinking. Our innovation makes your vision a reality. 

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Customer Testimonials

"You guys are amazing. You crushed it!"
Timo, President & CEO
Timo Art Gallery
"On time...on budget...Mike you are a rock star!!
Rhonda, Brand Strategist
Wells Fargo